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HL Segment - Hierarchical and Parent ID Number

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When mapping X12 856 transactions, how are others populating the HL segment Hierarchical and Parent ID numbers?

For the Hierarchical ID, I created a UDF counter that increments for each HL element.  I have considered the same for the Parent ID.  However, is there a built-in attribute to assign the Hierarchical ID numbers?  For example, there is the "$B2B_SEG_COUNTER" that counts all segments.  Is there also one to perform the HL count?

BTW, where is the $B2B_SEG_COUNTER documented?  I looked everywhere and could only find this value in the "B2B MAPPING KIT" EDIFACT mapping example.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello David,

This is just a placeholder value shipped with Example mappings. SAP ships NRO objects (Number Range Objects) for generating automatic incremental counter values. here is the documentation link on how to use it.



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