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High availability Failover script

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Dear All

We have planned to have HA of SAP on AIX HACMP can anyone let me know the detailed script that need to be put in nodes where the failover happens we have given the steps to do the same however we are told that its not sufficient and there is a detailed procedure.Also find the steps that is given.

Script 1 (on primary server)

su - <sid>adm

stopsap all

cleanipc <instance_number> remove

cleanipc <instance_number> remove

saposcol -k

Script 2 (on secondary server)

su - <sid>adm

cleanipc <instance_number> remove

cleanipc <instance_number> remove

saposcol -l

startsap all

pls suggest how to go about

Thanks in Advance


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Answers (2)

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How is your HA solution?. Do you have it with ASCS / SCS instance and ERS in local nodes? Do you have only one resource for CI and DB? or do you have two resources?. These scripts are different depending your architecture.

your script is good if you have only one resoure for DB and CI, and you have two instance profiles ( one for nodeA and one for nodeB, and both linked to instance profile of virtual hostname like

PRD_DVEBMGS00_nodeA -> PRD_DVEBMGS00_logical_name

PRD_DVEBMGS00_nodeB -> PRD_DVEBMGS00_logical_name

if you want only one profile ( is the recommended way ) , you have to change your script as


stopsap <logical_hostname>


startsap <logical_hostname>


because startsap/stopsap search by default the local hostname profile

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Hello Arun,

Your Stop SAP and Start SAP scripts look okay, there is nothing wrong with them.

Please ask your UNIX team to help with you with detailed scripts.