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Hierarchy loading in Import Manager

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I have the following scenario to load Hierarchy but Import Manager is throwing an error message ' Duplicate in Clomn-2".

However the same structure I am able to make in Data Manger manually for a 3 level hierarchy which confirm that hierarchy table supports that structure.

Column1 Column-2

(parent) (Child)




3M Abrasive

Abrasive Roll

3M Coil

Coil Copper

GE Abrasive

SH-Ent Coil

The data shows Manufacturer 3M and GE both have 'Abrasive' which is very normal but not able to load thru 'create Hierarchy' option after selecting 2 flds in IM.

IM throws a duplicate error , "Duplicate in Column-2: Abrasive"

Hope the example communicates properly.

Appreciate ur help/tips


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Found the way to do that.The steps to follow are

1) In partition have to select all mutilevel (for my case 3 levels) individual columns one by one and select all the flds brought to right pane to 'combine' them.

2)Select the combine field in partion, right click and select 'split partion' from context menu.

3)In map , map this partition field of source side to 'Name' fld of destination hierarchy table.

This works excellent

However I have a challenge to convert 220k hierarchy input record.The system is just hanging even if I have splitted the input files to 6/7 sections in MS access.

Any suggestion /tips appreciated.