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Hierarchy: How to suppress duplicated/repeated rows in a BEx query

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Hi Gurus.

I have a BEx query which displays data based on a Cost Element hierarchy. When the hierarchy is expanded to leaf level (or any level), all key figures and characteristics are displayed for the leaf level but are also repeated throughout all the levels above.

Is it possible to suppress the repeated rows in higher levels of the hierarchy and display a summary result only?

The issue we have is that if the user wishes to export or save a workbook, they will have to filter and manipulate the report a great deal which is impractical.

I'm hoping it's a simple setting that I've missed. I look forward to receiving the magic answer!! 🐵



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Hello Kiran,

No, this doesn't work in this instance.


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In the query property there is a option called suppress repeated values.

You can achieve required results through this.

I am not sure whether it will work for hierarchy but you can give a try.

Thanks and regards


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Hi All,

I've been playing around a bit more and found a setting which I hope my users will find acceptable:

From the query - Query properties -> Data Formatting tab - Multidimensional View -> select Display Rows hierarchically and expand to (chosen characteristic)

Can anyone tell me if I can set this as a default setting in the query designer, or will I need to create a view to save the setting?

Thanks all,


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I spend a lot of time to find the settings, so if someone need it:

How to change settings for "Display Rows Hierarchically ..."

In Query designer (BEx 7.x) -> Click on the Rows (name of the area where rows/columns are shown!) and you will see the settings in the properties window (on the right side)

It is really very well hidden