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Hiding the page bar in a page initialisation event

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Hi all,
Just looking for a bit of syntax help,

Using an optimized story I'd like to be able to hide the page bar menu when the page initialises,
the code below works if I paste it into the browser - the story opens with all menus removed.;

Just wondering how I get it to work in a script, just can't seem to get it right when using the usual code to set view/embed etc with the NavigationUtils / URL create parameters.

For reference launching a story/app in embed mode I use:

NavigationUtils.openApplication(Application.getInfo().id,UrlParameter.create("mode", "embed"), false);

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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resolved it using the following syntax

var APP_ID=Application.getInfo().id;

if (Application.getMode() !== ApplicationMode.Embed){

Still annoying that you have to perform a double load of the story - maybe one to add to SAP influence
'hide page bar' in view mode option

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