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Hide a Flowed subform inside a flowed subform in adobe forms

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Hi everyone,

I am stuck in one adobe form design and need your expertise on the same:

I have a flowed subform for header and inside that I have a flowed subform for items table. Now inside this item subform, i have 3 flowed subforms (western text) to display the data of this items table.

My requirement is that I need to hide each of these 3 subforms(western text one) based on different field binding in respective subform.

I am unable to achieve this via the basic javascript code that we write:

Header subform- Body

Items Table Subform- BodyTab

Western Text Subforms inside BodyTab:

Body1, Body2, Body3

I tried several queries: but none worked perfectly.

In FormReady event for the field based on which i want to hide my Body1 subform, i wrote:

If ( this.rawValue == ‘X’ )


Data.Body.BodyTab.Body1.Presence = “hidden”


This kind of worked but it’s only checking for first record of the binded item’s table where as I want to check this condition for each row of the item table and based on this field in each row, hide the subform.

Can anyone help me where I am wrong in this?

thank you in advance!

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Answers (1)

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in the calculation event of Formcalc. put the logic. It worked for me. ( Note : - FieldName is name of subform field) and your logic should be placed at subform.

if (Not(HasValue($.FieldName.rawValue))) then
$.presence = "hidden"