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hi sap gurus I have few questions

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1. Which table do we store the characteristics in sap bw extended star schema

2. how does dimension-sid tables and sid-master data tables joined

with wht keys (sid id,dim id or characteristics)

3. Is it possible to have characteristics have no masterdata

4. what is dimension attribute and describied attribute in star schema



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thanks k.madhavi and sunil

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Hi Manan,

Welcome to SDN,

Just go through the Doc. and you can get answers to all the questions listed.



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In order understand these questions u should be clear with BW star schema

1.We store characteristics in master data tables

2.for earch and every dimid system will generate a sid in the sid table which is uniquely identified by system through this sid concept it links up dimid with master data table.

3.yes it is possible to have characteristics with no master data.(EG line item dimension)

4.dimension attribute is nothing but the characteristics infoobject,

but i am not sure about described attribute as i've not heard of it.