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Hi! Plz clarify my doubt in templates

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In smart forms how to create a template.If there are two cells in template means.How to insert data.Plz tell me. I am new to abap

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Answers (4)

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HI Neeraja...

Inser Two texts under two box template.....

In the texts output option tab ...

Give row no. and column number.......

as eg. 1st text row 1 col 1

and for text 2 row 1 col 2...

and insert text in general attributes ...

that will display text..

..Regards ..


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Wherever we need to create a template.. like in main window or in others..if we right click on the location to create ....we have a menu appearing....if templates can be made at that location will be listed there ..otherwise it will not be just click on it to create a template

Go to the "templates" tab of a created template where we can see the graphic/drawing with 2 cells as mentioned in this case....

Right click on the template icon mentioned on the left to create texts for the field...double click on the created text and click on the "output options " tab .......

There is a box called "output structure" with 2 fields "line" and "column"(scroll towards the bottom if you cannot find it in the output structure tab )

if the template has just one line with 2 cells and we want this text to be the first cell... enter line = 1 and column = 1 here..if we need the text to be in the second cell enter line = 1 and column = 2...

so here we define in which cell which object/text is assigned...

so based on which line and which column we can assign provided the lines are already present intthe graphic/drawing

so the data must be assigned to the text and then it must be assigned to the cell as mentioned above

Hope it hepls

Pls check and revert



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Now i got it.