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Hello technicians,SAP standard transaction code FINS_UPD_CMP_VERSN delete bottom table event

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Hello technicians, First of all, I belong to the consultant of SAP Financials, and the new company code F-02 bookkeeping error in S4 HANA "There is an inconsistency in the ledger customization settings of the general journal. The way to deal with it is to run the transaction code FINS_UPD_CMP_VERSN to solve this error, but I found a bug, and deleted the data in the FINSC_CMP_VERSND table without any prompt. As a result, the ACDOCA cannot be connected to the CO-PA table, and the COEP and other bottom tables have no data connection. If the front-end standard transaction code cannot find the data in the bottom table, it cannot be displayed normally. In the end, although our company's problem was solved, I don't want other companies to be in a similar situation. After all, many enterprises use SAP software, this data loss problem is still very serious, I hope SAP technicians can pay attention, need me to provide any help, please contact me directly.

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