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hdbnameserver not starting.

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Our HANA Database is not starting after power outage. After we restarted and try to run HDB start. We are getting the below error.


Impromptu CCC initialization by 'rscpCInit'.

See SAP note 1266393.



Starting instance using: /usr/sap/GDB/SYS/exe/hdb/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr 02 -function StartWait 2700 2

12.11.2019 21:17:44



12.11.2019 21:18:04


FAIL: process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running

After that we have tried to execute to execute the process ./hdbnameserver. It is throwing below error.

XXXXXX@XXXXXXX:/usr/sap/GDB/HDB02/exe> ./hdbnameserver

unclean shutdown of service instance with pid 4440

accepting requests at

service startup...

searching for master nameserver XXXXXXXX:30201 ...

assign as master nameserver.

assign to volume 1 started service startup...

Checking for recovery request ...

Loading topology ...

Opening persistence ...

run as transaction master assign failed with persistence startup error. exception 1: no.3000280 (DataAccess/impl/PersistenceManagerImpl.cpp:3197) TID: 6285

Missing log, recovery stopped at log pos 0x36a2adf

exception throw location: 1:

0x00007f0e6be61e5e in DataAccess::PersistenceManagerImpl::replayOrClearLog(bool, bool, bool, unsigned long&, unsigned long&)+0x65a at PersistenceManagerImpl.cpp:3197 (

2: 0x00007f0e6be5ecac in DataAccess::PersistenceManagerImpl::replayImpl(bool)+0x178 at PersistenceManagerImpl.cpp:4935 (

3: 0x00007f0e6e235d8e in PersistenceLayer::PersistenceSystem::start(NameServer::ServiceStartInfo const&, bool, bool)+0xa8a at PersistenceSystem.cpp:566 (

4: 0x00007f0e6e1f08ce in PersistenceLayer::PersistenceFactory::startPersistence(NameServer::ServiceStartInfo&, bool, bool, DataAccess::TablePreloadWriteCallback*, ltt::smartptr_handle<DataAccess::DisasterRecoveryPrimaryCallback>, DataAccess::DisasterRecoveryESCallback*)+0xba at PersistenceFactory.cpp:538 (

5: 0x00007f0e8b794fa9 in PersistenceController::startup(PersistenceLayer::PERSISTENCE_MODE, NameServer::ServiceStartInfo*, bool, DataAccess::TablePreloadWriteCallback*, DataAccess::TablePreloadReadCallback*, Backup::RecoverCbc_Federation*)+0x5d5 at PersistenceController.cpp:678 (

6: 0x00007f0e8e60164a in NameServer::Topology::initPersistence(NameServer::ServiceStartInfo&, bool, bool, TREX_ERROR::TRexError*, bool, ltt_adp::basic_string<char, ltt::char_traits<char>, ltt::integral_constant<bool, true> >, NameServer::ServiceStartInfo::RequestAction)+0x406 at Topology.cpp:392 (

7: 0x00007f0e8e497c06 in NameServer::TREXNameServer::loadTopology(NameServer::LoadTopologyMode, NameServer::ServiceStartInfo&, Backup::Backup_ExtendedRecoveryInformation*, bool)+0x722 at TREXNameServer.cpp:11160 (
8: 0x00007f0e8e4f1c05 in NameServer::TREXNameServer::assign(NameServer::ServiceStartInfo&)+0xe41 at TREXNameServer.cpp:1804 (

9: 0x000055d58ad5245c in TRexAPI::TREXIndexServer::assign(NameServer::ServiceStartInfo&, bool, TREX_ERROR::TRexError&)+0x108 at TREXIndexServer.cpp:1077 (hdbnameserver)
10: 0x000055d58ad5a139 in TRexAPI::AssignThread::run(void*)+0x35 at TREXIndexServer.cpp:533 (hdbnameserver)

11: 0x00007f0e6d9c373f in TrexThreads::PoolThread::run()+0x78b at PoolThread.cpp:462 (

12: 0x00007f0e6d9c6250 in TrexThreads::PoolThread::run(void*&)+0x10 at PoolThread.cpp:143 (

13: 0x00007f0e68a7108f in Execution::Thread::staticMainImp(Execution::Thread*)+0x54b at Thread.cpp:529 (

14: 0x00007f0e68a5fe48 in Execution::pthreadFunctionWrapper(Execution::Thread*)+0x164 at ThreadInterposition.cpp:633 (

15: 0x00007f0e681f774a in start_thread+0xc6 (

16: 0x00007f0e66a7fedd in __clone+0x69 (

exception type information:

- 0: public ltt::exception@0x7f0e6815d960

stopping service...

persistence initialization failed -> stopping instance ...

If anybody experienced this issue before, please let me know how to fix it.


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If you have the instance backup, you need to reinstall everything and restore the instance backup, this will be the fastest way to bring it online.