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HCI job error to be send to particular users who loads it

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Hi All,

I am new tho HCI and I have small requirement of sending error logs of the Job to particular users only.


  1. Few files are loaded on server by different users , the file has User name ( User ID) in It ( for each record in the file we have user name User ID)
  2. Through HCI we are picking these files and processing them to update in SAP IBP.
  3. In few cases some records gets failed duw to validation or master data no found in target system .
  4. So we want to notify that particular users only with the error log
  5. We do not want a general email to all users. But the users whose file has issues.

Any help how to achieve this in HCI will be highly appreciated.

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Answers (2)

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The SAP HCI - DS which comes with SAP IBP ( Integrated Business Planning).

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Hello Mukesh,

You are trying to achieve this using SAP HCI-PI(CPI) or HCI-DS


Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat