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Hana Studio: Calculation View - Data Preview - Filters - saving and reusing a set?

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Hi, all

Is there any way to save a set of filters for data preview of any block of CV?

For example, here is a set of fields for filtering data preview of some CV block:

And if CV is built on, say, 30 blocks, I need to recreate this filter again and again.

This case is not too complicated, but imagine if we have 15 filtering fields, with 50 dinstinct values in each.

So, it would be very handy to have some way to copy and paste such set in any block of CV

Or, at least, saving this filter in file, and loading it for a block would be also a desicion.

But, alas, I didn't found any menus for such things... Is this possible any way?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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  • Try to use SQL console and write these filters in SQL Script so that you can use these filters with different CV'S
select * from <CV> where <filter>

--change the CV name as per you need keeping the filters same.(The column names of the applied filters should be same for all the CV'S)

  • If the output structure of all the CV's are same then create a table function where you can make Dynamic SQL with an input parameter of CV name. Then on top of table function you can create a calculation view to have this Data preview kind of visualization.
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Gopinath, thanks for answer

So, it seems, there is no standard interface stuff for this task, only via console which needs some skill and knowledge to obtain.

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