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Hana memory allocation and cache

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We are having troubles with memory usage in a BW on Hana environment, with Hana DB, v. 112.06, with 1TB of memory available.

In TopConsumers information, in first position we have the allocator "Pool/PersistenceManager/PersistentSpace/DefaultLPA/Page" with more than 200GB used. As described in note 1999997 - FAQ: SAP HANA Memory, this fact should not be relevant, since this is a cache, that should be liberated when other process need it. Our problem is that some memory expensive process are failing due to memory allocation problems, and the cache isn´t being liberated. We can see how process take memory, and when reachs the DB limit, process is cancelled (we have statement_memory_limit=0 and statement_memory_limit_thresold=0 ). If after that we go to TopConsumers sql , we have the allocator with the same memory used, so it hasn´t released the memory when other process needed it.

We think it´s an application error, any ideas?


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