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HANA Container so some users can overuse resources

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We are using HANA sp 10 and we have 3 nodes and have enabled thresholds by user.

The default is 30GB for the normal user, but included in the sys.user_parameters we have set up a 'statement memory limit' for certain users that need more memory resources.

That being said it doesn't always work out and we have users that crash the system because of mem issues. In fact in dev today we had a number of crashes because one user was using a fuzzy search and another user was using a clob in their sql query. Of course these may not both be because of memory but another reason. Anyway my question is about the notion of a container. When I say container I mean some virtual enclosure in the system so that some group of users can't overuse resources so the container would limit cpu and memory for those users. Anything like that available? Mike

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