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HANA Calculation view multiple values prompt does not work properly in Lumira

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Dear all,

as some of you might know, there is still an issue regarding the use of Input Parameter of type “Multiple Values” on calculation views when working with Lumira.

There is also a SAP Note for that, number 2373901, probably still not released, but here the content:

2373901 – HANA Calculation view multiple values prompt does not work properly in Lumira.

• Records are filtered only for the first value selected in HANA Calculation view multiple values prompt

• SAP Lumira 1.31 Patch 1

Reproducing the Issue

1. Create a Hana Calculation View with Multiple Entries Input Parameter
2. Connect Lumira to the Calculation View
3. Select Multiple Values for the Input Parameter
4. Refresh and notice data filtered only for the first value selected

Lumira does not support Multiple Entries Input Parameters for Hana Calculation Views

Workaround solution:
If possible change the Multiple Entries Input parameters to Multiple Entries Variables. Variables are supported.

Note: There is a difference between processing variables and input parameters in SELECT statement. The variable filter goes in into the WHERE clause of the statement whereas input parameters go in as a PLACEHOLDER.

Unfortunately, we cannot use variables, because we want to apply some logic on the aggregated result set:

We need to be able to select some cost centers, assume CC1000, CC2000 and CC3000. Then, in a projection after an aggregation without the column for cost center, we build a calculated column, let’s call them “Sales higher 1000”, where we put an ‘X’ when the aggregated (over all three cost centers!) sales amount is higher than 1000.

As you certainly know, variables apply only on the final result set, which in our case would lead to wrong results.

Any suggestion and help is appreciated.

I'm using Lumira 1.31 Patch 3.



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Answers (2)

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Not sure if it is possible with Hana and Lumira,

but it was a time when Crystal reports also did not have Multiple Values Parameters option in Command connection.

As a workaround solution we passed a comma separated list of values as a single string to Parameter and let the database split the string.

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Hi Vitaly,

I tried this workaround (string input, split trough DB) with a scripted calculation view, but it didn’t work. Would you have a working code example which you could share?



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Hi Dedi,

I don't understand what you mean with "... and you need to change from the list." - what should or could I enter as primery tag? As mentioned in my direct mail, the tag "SAP BusinessObjects Lumira" is from the list and should therefor be accepted.