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HANA backuplog file generated too big 24Gb and partition full almost every 10 minutes

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Dear Experts,

We are facing critical issues in our HANA database which is generated too Big log backup files (around 24GB) in /Hana/shared/SID/HDBxx/backup/log due to this my /Hana/shared partition exhausted almost every 10 minutes

I am deleting the backup log file when partition full, my Transparent Huge Pages on Linux also set [Never] And tenant database Global_memory_limit 80000 (80gb this is my Fiori front-end server) due to the shared partition full I am unable to take backup as well and also database took long time to start

Please guide me why backup logs generated too big, why it generated too fast.



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Hi Shahid,

Are those files have pattern as "log_backup_0_0_0_#########"? If yes, it means that they are backup catalog. You should refer to steps in following support content to hosekeeping them.
Housekeeping HANA backup catalog

If not, you need check whether there is high amount of inserts, update, delete SQLs run in your system.

Best Regards,
Eason Chen