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HANA 2.0 DB - Queries

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Hi Experts,

Could you please answer the below queries directly instead pointing to SAP notes.

1) How can we see the number of loaded tables and overall % after HANA system restart?

2)What factors can be considered for determining whether a table need an index creation or partitioning from performance perspective?

3)Can workload class override the global allocation limit, statement memory limit and CPU utilization control parameters?

4)How can we control the CPU utilization using workload classes?

5)How many child threads can be possible to a parent thread?. Where to identify and limit it?

6)How can we stop the running delta merges in order to manage the system load and performance ? Is it safe and advisable?.

7) Is it possible to schedule delta merges to a particular time?..

😎 How can we find the tables running delta merges so often?

9) How to find the delta % gap of a table before running delta merge?

10) Can we trigger delta merges whenever needed to all tables?

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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SAP have plenty of documentation available to everyone, please use it!

There is the HANA documention here:

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you can refer the HANA standard SQL statement collection which will help to clarify most of the queries.