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Group Seperators in DMC

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Group Seperators (RS, ES, EOT) in data matrix code is not working in smart forms and adobe forms. Tried with hexadecimal values as like below 3 options.

DATA: wl_char_rs(3) VALUE '\1E',
wl_char_gs(5) VALUE '\0x1E',
wl_char_eot(2) VALUE '@3'.

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Answers (1)

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Dear Nirmala,

thanks for your question. At the moment Adobe Forms as form template repository is currently not released for ABAP Cloud usage. Smart Forms is not planned to be released.

For further analysis I would like to ask you to open an incident on BC-SRV-FP component with more detailed information:

  • step by step instruction how to reproduce the issue
  • which system is used
  • which issue do you observed
  • details about the used adobe forms

Thanks and regards,