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GRC Process Control Business Rule Configuration for Change

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GRC PC 10.1

I’m looking to create a Business Rule to monitor changes to the Formula ID field in table UKM_FORMULAS. According to our developers, the Formula_ID value itself will not change (encrypted field) even if the actual formula configuration has changed.

Would a Business Rule monitoring changes to the Formula_ID value trigger a deficiency if the Formula_ID value changes? Or would this monitoring not work since the encrypted value would remain unchanged?

Lastly, if the monitoring I proposed would trigger a deficiency, would table logging need to be enabled for this table? It currently is not.

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Hello Ian,

UKM_FORMULAS table, Formula_ID is an auto generated UID and it is not maintainable (using maintenance view V_UKM_FORMULAS) which means that the value cannot be updated but that whole record can be deleted.

Another point to note is that this table does not have table logging enabled, hence no change logs will be recorded.

Can you explain your control objective on why you are monitoring this table and addressing which risk? Based on that, we can suggest which monitoring approach can suffice your requirement.