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Google maps support in VB

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Are google maps supported in Visual business provided one has license for google maps?

I have not been able to try (dont have license) but heard that they are not supported as google maps does not support maps as tiles.



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    I wonder if Google Maps is already supported towards a MAP PROVIDER, the TM 9.2?

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You mean if you can use SAP Transportation Management 9.2 with SAP Visual Business integrating a Google Maps content?

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Hi Marcus.

Yes. That's what I mean. Is there any update about the integration with google maps?

If not, the integration would be done only through abap?


Fabio Roos

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In case you are just talking about the visual map display: This must and can only be done using SAP Visual Business and Ralf needs to answer this.

In case you are talking about additional services like geo-coding and distance determination: This can be done in ABAP without SAP VB.