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getting dropdown value of selected sap.m.Table row

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Hi Experts

I have a requirement where there is a drop down in the 3 rd column of sap.m.Table. The drop down is filled from the entityset of oData.

3 columns with 3 cells , 1 st cell is Object Identifier, 2 nd is Date and 3 rd Cell is ComboBox (dropdown)

Table has a selection mode MultiSelect. where users can select multiple records

Table is not attached to any selectionChange event. No event is attached to table.

Now onClick of a button, I have to validate the Dropdown value filled or not in each selected Row.

Please let me know how to retrieve  the Dropdown value of a selected row.

I am using the code like below

var rowSet= oTable.getItems();

var aContexts = oTable.getSelectedContexts();

for (var i=aContexts.length -1; i>=0; i--) {

        var oSelectedListItem = rowSet[i];

var value = oSelectedListItem.getCells()[2].getValue();


this is not working getting value as undefined

Thanks and Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Solved using

var rowSet = oTable.getSelectedItems();



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