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Getting Blank page at end of adobe HRform output

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Hi all

I have a form with 2 pages : Page1 and Page2

Page 2 has a Content Area callel CAP2 (image below) hierachy.jpg

I am not able to hide the Page2 by using conditional break, although I am able to hide the subform in page 2 and printing a white page by using the following code in the initialize event of the page 2:

if (data.pageSet.Page2.All2gether.Z_SHOW.rawValue == "X")

data.pageSet.Page2.All2gether.presence = "hidden";

In pagination I have set

After: Go To Page 2

The result is

Prints page 1 as expected

Prints Page 2 showing or hiding based on the condition above but I would like to not print the page if is is empty.


So I am trying to follow the advice from @phudt2505 like suggested in

I have tried to use of the conditional break.The following code is the one on my conditional break:

if (data.pageSet.Page2.All2gether.Z_SHOW.rawValue == "X")

Break: After

To: Top of Next Page

But is not working conditioanl-not-working.jpg

I have tried all the following combinations in pagination

After: Continue Filling parent

Prints only page 1

After: Go To Next page

Prints page 1 empty again

After: Go To Next Content Area

Prints page 1 empty again

After: Go To Content Area CAP2

Prints page 2 always.

Could anybody shed some light on how I can resolve this?

Kind reagrds


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