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Getting a clipboard alert while importing Excel files to SAP

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Hi team,

I am currently facing this issue wherein I'm getting a clipboard alert whenever I try to import any Excel file into SAP.

Alert: "There is a large amount of information on the clipboard. Do you want to be able to paste this information into another program later?".




It is happening with all our users; initially this was not the case when we used to have Office 2010/2013 installed on our machines. Also, there is no information, or any data stored on Excel clipboard, we've already disabled both the office and OS clipboards but still we're getting this alert. It doesn't let us import any Excel file into SAP and there is no other error message on SAP UI except for this clipboard alert. 

Please advise.    

Thank you!

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How are you importing Excel files? Some standard transaction code? Or custom program? If custom, then how is the import programmed - most likely using OLE (better to switch to ABAP2XLSX)...
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It is a standard code (ZMM010, ZFI046, ZFI020)

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A standard code starting with Z  🙃

(Also why do you post this as an answer)