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Generic Extraction using function Module

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I have to create a generic text datasource. I want to use function module for this purpose because the table is a cluster table. While searching this forum, i found many posts.

Few of them suggested to consider RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA as the template and few others suggested RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE. I am confused as to which one to follow. Also, in some of the questions i found that an extract structure needs to be created in SE11 for FM purpose. Can i get some detailed information on that too.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Govind,

The easiest way to work out with Function Module is to copy the standard one and modify according to your reqirement.

The standard one is RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE .

Dont forget to copy the Function grp RSAX into a custom defined Grp and Modify the Ranges options as per ur req.

and in Function module, in Sourcecode and Tables, Do modify the E_T_data with ur Generic datasource ,make sure u also modify the select statements within the sourcecode. If you have an idea on ABAP its really easy to work out.

And regarding the creation of Datasource.

Its really Simple.

Goto RSo2.

Give the name of Datasource.

Give the Fm name and Extract Struc ( name of D.S only).

Save and Generate.

thats it.



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Govind, please don't post the same question twice...since in both forums (as you can see!) we are always the same !!!



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welcome to the SDN community!

i'm just curious what kind of text you're getting, since i practically don't know any text that works that way - most other text you can fetch using FM "READ_TEXT", though you need to know what parameters to give it.

anyway, let me explain your questions:

1- you need to define an extract structure because it is through that structure that data coming from R/3 going into BW will be defined. your extractor will understand that, baed on the fields you have in your structure, these are the fields that will be available in BW.

2- those FMs are being suggested to you as a pattern on how you should code your extractor. there is some level of control with how you can code your routines in, and these should serve as a guide for you.

hope this helps - ask some more if you need more answers, and don't forget to click on the stars to give points to those that help you in the community, as a way of saying thanks. 😃