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Generation of runtime objects for project failed - An exception was raised

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Hi friends,

I have imported a service from test development system to our development system. After successful import, I've opened the same in SEGW to generate runtime object.

First, I've checked the project consistency, received all checks done with warning message as shown below:-

After this, I've clicked the Generate Runtime Object button, and I received following error : -

Generation of runtime objects for project <PName> failed.

- Internal error occured

- An exception was occured.

But I am not able to track where error occured. I've checked all the generated classes and code, but found no error of any type in them.

Please help me to locate error.



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Answers (2)

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It's a very old post..But might be helpful for others. I too faced similar issue recently. Please check if you have right authorization related to SAP gateway service. It's very strange that system doesn't provide right error message pointing to authorization issue rather it just throws an error as 'Internal error, exception was raised'. Go to SU53 and check if you have any authorization related issue. At least I got the same message and I didn't have right authorization to create gateway service and hence run time objects were not being generated. Thanks!

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You might use transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG to check for errors. I faced the same issue and found that there are log entries in Tx /IWFND/ERROR_LOG with further error details.

Moreover the message 'internal error occurred' is represented by Message no. /IWBEP/SBCM001. Via the debugger and using a watchpoint for sy-msgno with condition sy-msgno = '001' you might get further error details.