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Generating webservice skeleton!

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Hi @all,

i'm looking for generating of webservice skeletons on the sap was side abap.

I've found a lot of about generating client proxies but there is nothing for serverside generation of skeletons for listening 3rd party webservice requests.

wsdl file for the webservice is available, so i need to implement a top-down webservice.

I would be very pleased about your help.

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Answers (2)

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Thanx you for reply my qustion.

But i think you didn'nt understand me. I know the tsx for creating webservice proxy object at 6.40.

Consuming of webservices are not my problem.

My problem is to provide a webservice in abap for a given 3rd party wsdl.

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Which version of WAS are you running ?

If it is WAS 640 then goto txn se80. Choose menu option Workbench->Edit Object. Now choose Enterprise Services tab. Now choose client proxy and choose create(F5).

If it is WAS 620 then you will have to write a program to call the web service because client proxies are not supported in WAS 620. There are some examples program to make SOAP call RSVSOAP*.

If it is below 46D/C/B then it is not possible.