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General WebDynpro Usage Questions - right forum?

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I watched many of the recent presentations from Sapphire and still have a couple of questions. I thought I would try on this forum. Please let me know if this is not the correct medium and if I should be going elsewhere. I sincerely apologize if it is not the right forum, I am new and trying to simply ramp up.

1. My first questions are in regards to the ECC 5.0 core that is now shipping as a part of the mySAP ERP 2004 solution (started in Q1 2005). It appears that the Employee Self Service transactions have been rewritten in WebDynpro for Java and hence have a completely new user interface.

a. Does this mean that the processing logic of the back end is no longer ABAP and has been rewritten in Java for these ESS transactions. Or, is the backend still APIs in ABAP.

b. How many of the other transactions in ERP central component have been rewritten using WebDynpro vs. the old ITS? Ie. Is General Ledger rewritten?

2. My second question is regarding WebDynpro for ABAP (I understand this may be available for ramp up towards the end of 2005). Once this is released, can we expect all applications will adopt this technology and release the next versions of the applications product, ie MySAP ERP 2005, using this technology. Will some rewrite and use WebDynpro for Java.

3. My third question is in regards to migration. If a customer has created either customizations or bolt ons to their SAP R/3 products, is there a migration path that will bring these bolt ons or customizations forward to Netweaver. Is there, for instance, a migration path from the layout spec that ITS uses to WebDynpro? Will there be once WebDynpro for ABAP is released. If not, will all of there customizations or bolt ons have to be reimplemented/rewritten?

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1. For ESS the processing logic is still going to be your R/3 backend. Webdynpro uses RFC calls to interact with SAP R/3. Webdynpro is a gui development tool. The backend logic still lies with SAP R/3.

2. WebDynpro for ABAP will replace the old dynpro way of programming. Really speaking its going to be a gui development within R/3. But we still do not have much information regarding Webdynpro for ABAP.

3. What kind of customizations are you talking about. Is it R/3 customizations or some other customizations.

hope that helps you. Maybe some others will be able to provide more information. Anyway let me know if you require any other clarifications.



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Thank you for your answers and your quick reply. The customizations I was referring to were customizations to R/3. I was watching the Nike presentation from the Netweaver Technology Tour '05 on how they wrote a custom application outside of their R/3 system. They used Java for their business logic vs. ABAP for most of their application. I wasn't sure if this was going to be the trend.

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that was a very helpful reply