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Function Library: Linkage Error after migration

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Dear all,

we migrate from 7.31 dual-stack to 7.5 single stack.

Global UDFs we saved in a FunctionLibrary in a special SWK. No jar file used, just about UDFs collected in a FunctionLibrary.

In new system I can use it in MM without problem, but if I send a test message in PIMON the followoing error appear:

Mapping "<MM Name>" konnte nicht ausgeführt werden: MappingException: Mapping failed in runtimeLinkage Error when loading class com/sap/xi/tf/_MM_<MM Name>_; details: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError, LinkageException: Linkage Error when loading class com/sap/xi/tf/_<MM_Name>_; details: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError, NoClassDefFoundError: <packageName>/<FunctionLibrary-Name>, MappingClassNotFoundException: <package>/<FunctionLibrary-Name>.class

So here is a class-file missing.
For usual I would take the classes in NWDS and export it as a new jar-File with actual Java version, but here we don't have packages or class files that could be compiled with wrong Java version, just tha java itself that needs to be compiled by PI.

I also tried to do a dummy change, but without success.

Is it not possible to use a FunctionLibrary without a compiled JAR-file anymore?

How to resolve this Linkage Error.



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