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Full data load for vendor line items 0FI_GL_4

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Hi Experts,

i need to delete the data from the vendor line items cube and load all the historic data from r/3 production, so how do i proceed, i am assuming that there is no setup table concept for this since its FI, so how do i do this and what are the steps that needs to be done on r/3 side as well as BW?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Its pretty simple in FI. There are no setup tables like LO extraction.

1. Double click ont he cube in BW and delete all the requests. make sure all of them are deleted. (or) you can right click on the cube and say "delete data".

2. As youa re working on production make sure ur requests and data are completely deleted. Check twice

3. Activate your master data.

4. replicate datasources and activate transfer structure in BW

5. Load data from BW

I would think twice to delete data from a cube particularly in production. I don't know your situation but if I were u, I would create another cube copying the cube and then load all the R/3 data into the new one.

Good luck.

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