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Free Text e-mail in Portal UWL

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HI All,

I have a step in my workflow that allows a user to enter a free text message which can be sent to one or more other users. A decision task comes into the users inbox. If they click reject the next step of the workflow is the task which allows them to write an email and send the mail to the requestor.

This works perfectly in R/3, however we are using SAP 4.6c and we are trying to implement this in portal.

The main problem with implementing the workflow in portal is that the job to sync your R/3 workflow inbox with your UWL is only run every minute which means it can take up to a minute for the email task to arrive in the users inbox after they click the Reject button.

In short, we need the UWL to run the email task straight away when the user clicks reject.

Has anyone come across a similar issue? All suggestions are really appreciated

Many Thanks,


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Answers (4)

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Upgraded to ECC6

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Link: [;

I'm just following the advice in this thread at the moment. It hasn't worked form me yet and I'm not sure if that is because we are on version 4.6c

We have made the changes to the XML but the text area doesn't seem to be available to enter the text. I'll keep you informed.

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Hi Colm

In the UWL it will come immediately but it will come has new task now with same task as you see like in R/3. For the text element to get immediately you have to customize the XML file of the user decision step. Based the action you want to display the text and this will effected immediately.



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I assume you are using the UWL Userdecision handler (which is the one you are getting by default for workflow user decisions, at least in NW2004s).

The "advance with dialog" functionality is not supported with decisions in UWL, and therefore your scenario won't work.

The alternative is:

- The UWL Userdecision handler offers a field to enter text in it at runtime. You can even customize whether that text should be mandatory or not depending on the decision taken by the user.

The only thing I am not sure about is how to retrieve the text in the workflow (I haven't practiced this myself) but I am sure it must hide somewhere in a standard container element.

- Use that text, retrieve it in a muiltiline container element, and then send that by mail with a background task.

Hope this helps,