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FPM Suspend and Resume

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Hi all,

I have 2 FPM Applications called as APP1 as OIF based and another APP2 as GAF based.

From APP1 i am able to suspend it and navigate to APP2.

but from APP2 i am not able to resume back to APP1.

i even tried to see the standard example" FPM_TEST_SUSPEND_RESUME ". but am not able to achive it.

This code i have written in APP1 for suspending

lo_fpm = cl_fpm_factory=>get_instance( ).

CALL METHOD lo_fpm->get_navigate_to


ro_navigate_to = lo_fpm_navigate_to.

ls_url_fields-url = lv_url. " lv_url type string

ls_url_fields-use_suspend_resume = abap_true.

CALL METHOD lo_fpm_navigate_to->launch_url


is_url_fields = ls_url_fields.

Kindly help me out in this.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello Raja,

When you are reaching APPL2, you are supposed to save the resume url (sap_wd_resume_url)in your application itself. (Hint - This URL will have the APPL1 URL details along with the session ID, which will be used later to identify the suspended session). Later during resuming back , you can use the resume URL to navigate back.

when you hit the APPL1, FPM will raise an RESUME EVENT to resume back to the suspended application which is in the same suspended state.

Also you have to be careful, if your environment is portal or NWBC. May be you can check the FPM wiki for more info.

Thanks, Senthil