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FPM messages aren't shown on the screen

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Hi there,
I implemented some additionl functionality to  /PLMU/WDC_ECN . I want to show a message and tried several ways, but no one of the worked.

1. offical FPM message management by using  IF_FPM_MESSAGE_MANAGER  -->  nothing happens

          lo_if_fpm = cl_fpm_factory=>get_instance( )

      CALL METHOD lo_if_fpm->mo_message_manager->report_t100_message
           iv_msgid       = if_msgid
           iv_msgno       = if_msgno
           iv_severity    = lf_severity
           iv_lifetime    = if_fpm_message_manager=>GC_life_visibility_automatic
           io_component   = if_io_object
           iv_parameter_1 = if_msgv1
           iv_parameter_2 = if_msgv2
           iv_parameter_3 = if_msgv3
           iv_parameter_4 = if_msgv4.

2. I do the same as /PLMU/WDC_FRW_TRANS_CNTRL   --> nothing happens
     lo_msg_manager = /plmu/cl_frw_message_manager=>get_instance( ).
     MESSAGE id if_msgid type if_msgty number if_msgno  INTO lv_message_dummy
         with if_msgv1 if_msgv2 if_msgv3 if_msgv4.

     lo_msg_manager->publish_system_message( ).

Maybe you have some hints for me.



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Answers (1)

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I found the reason but I don't have a solution

The additional functionality is another WD-Component which raises a popup. When this popup is terminated it fires an event, before the popup window closes.

The eventprocessor (calling Window) generates the message.

Is there any solution how to show a message in the calling window?

Best regards