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FORMABSENC BOR Object, SAP demo workflow, execution from external .Net appl

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FORMABSENC BOR Object(SWO1) has a corresponding SAP demo workflow, which is for SAPGUI, meaning it has dialog steps. I am trying to create a similar scenerio from .Net application, without visiting SAP Inbox. I can start workflow on CREATED event of the FORMABSENC object and then I call the VOID_APPROVE method in a task, because the other two approve throw a dialog, so can not be used outside of SAPGUI.

These are the 3 methods for Approve:(SWO1)


(Approve form with terminating event)


(Approve form)


(Approve form without dialog)


1. Void_approve does not seem to update the Table SWXFORMABS Column PROCSTATE(I don't see code to do that in this method)

2. Void_approve has code to update the container element "result" but does not seem to do that

Pl advise. Should I use UserDecision Step to approve/reject?

If that throws a dialog, then I can not use it, so what should be the best way to create a similar process from external .Net application?

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I have simultaneously figured out the complete scnerio. I wanted to kick start the workflow from CREATED event. Also I wanted to pass data through Event Container>WorkflowContainer>TaskContainer, and have been able to do so successfully.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi MB,

I have doubt with your question, tell me do u want to approve the formabsenc throught .net application?


Balaji E.

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Yes, I want to create a scnerio similar to the Demo workflow around FROMABSENC object.

1. When I create a form from .Net app, through a suitable WAPI /RFC call, the CREATED event should start a workflow, with approval as first step. data from .Net form should be presented through various containers to the manager

2. Managers workitems should be visible in a .net application Grid.

3. Any of the item should show up by double-clicking on it

4. Selected item should be approved/rejected in . net app

4A. If Manager chooses to approve in SAP inbox, it should also be possible

5. SAP workflow approval step should get executed as a result of the above step

6. Next steps should be started in SAP workflow

7. User should get email about approve/reject decision


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Hi MB,

Good. Let me explain it step by step try to proceed with it.

1. Create a form in .net application (initial form).With a button apply or something else.

2. Make the configuration in SWNCONFIG accordingly.

3. Through the RFC/BAPI call trigger the workflow through SAP_WAPI_START_WORKFLOW. Get the data by using sap_wapi_write_container

4. Find the approver(agent) in the sap.

5. Send the workitem to the agent. Retrive the data by using sap_wapi_read_container.

6. Show the form to the agent with approve and reject option.

7. Based upon the option update the sap system.


Balaji K.