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Form display issue in QC21

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i'm working on QC21. and i copied the standard script.

but i'm not able to see the data in the layout that i have done.

it is still displaying the standard layout in print preview only language is changed to english.

how can i see the data but in my own designed layout.

i'm told to attach my layout to the quality profile. to see data in layout that i want.

but no one knows how to do it.

please guide me.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kash,

I have worked on this 2 weeks back.

Please do the follwoing things...

1) In SE71 do copy from client for QM_CERT* from client 000 to whichever client u r working on right.

2) Of which particularly QM_CERT_01 sap script you should copy to create your custom sap script layout.

3) Well now comes the assignment of this layout to the standard driver program.

It is actually a very different process.

There is something called as Certificate profiles to which these certificates (layouts) are attached. Over there you simply need to replace the standard script QM_CERT_01, by ur custom script.

4) Now lets see how to attach it, follow this process.


click on drop down Logistics --> Quality Management --> Quality Certificate -->Output -->Certificate Profile --> Assignment --> Change

there u'll see the condition type...on top click on header data.

u'll be taken to another window.

there u'll be able to see the standard sap script name QM_CERT_01.

simply remove that name...enter the name of ur custom sap script and save the profile.

that's whenever u'll execute the standard transaction QC21, u'll see ur layout.

later u can debug, if some values are not seen...but i'm sure overall layout will be the one that u have designed.

I'm sure it'll help you, do let me knw...All The Best



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Thanks everybody for your suggestions.

Radhika awesome solution. i checked it on my laptop, and went as per ur steps, it actually worked. couldn't believe. great job. thanks a lot


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Hi Satya,

Thats what i'm held up at. i dont know how to attach my layout to the standard program

once i get it, i can do debugging. i have just copied the standard sap script cant attach it.


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Basically you need to copy QC21 Transction that means RQCAAP01 into ZRQCAAP01,Here you need to use your custom Form since you can not configure form name for QC21 Transaction.

Thank you


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You can try to identify the application checking the entry in the NAST table.

As for you standard one got printed. Check in the NAST table entry will be created in the table, get the application and the standard output type.

Go for the NACE transaction selection the particular application and go for the output types. You will find all the output types defined for the application. Try to change it with your custom form and test it again.

For sure your form will trigger.

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How did you attach your custom layout to the printprogram / transaction? Anyway ... just Activate debugger for your layout and run the print program / transaction so that you may get clue on why it was not calling and what was happening.