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Force MultiComboBox to display all tokens

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I have a requirement to make a MultiComboBox show all tokens.  The requirement clarifies that the "n more" overflow text is not desirable and, instead, the MulitComboBox should grow giving more space for the tokens to be displayed (i.e. all selected items should be visible at all times).  The desired outcome is to have the control grow to the right and the down, foregoing the "n more" overflow text, and showing all selected items.

I'm unable to find any property or css rule that will allow me to manipulate the control as the requirement specifies.  I appreciate any tips or solutions.


Thank you

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Hello, if you want to change the dimensions dynamically, you can use jQuery or setWidth method to increase the width. However you need to decide 1 - when to trigger this resize - during data load or when combo opens 2 - calculation of the width that may be derived using the longest value

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