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Focused build project plan: Actual release is empty

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I have just created a project plan in focused build and not having luck in assigning an Actual release.

I created a release and assigned a task list to it with a change control landscape. The issue is that the actual release in the details tab of the project plan is not pulling up the available releases for assigning to the project plan.

Has anyone encountered the same issue and or have any ideas to fix this ?


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Hi Srini,

in most cases the following step from the Config Guide was missing:

To use the enhanced Release Management functionalities of Focused Build, follow these steps:

  1. In the customizing of SAP Solution Manager, choose SAP Solution Manager --> Capabilities --> Change Control Management --> Change Request Management Framework --> Change Cycles --> Configure Transaction Type for Sublandscapes.
  2. Add your Solution Sublandscape ID with the Focused Build transaction type S1MR.

This has to be done before the Release Cycle is created. So if done already you can delete the Cycles and create it again after the 2 steps above.

Hope this helps


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Answers (2)

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Make sure Wave is also created in FB project to add the Release. The release s being created under the change controls, this will appear in project

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Hello Srini,

Pls refer point number 3 in the below link