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FLP: Should we use CONF or CUST scope for Technical/Business catalogs

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We are on S/4HANA 2020. The App Manager tool seems to be promoted a lot by SAP. But the problem is it only handles Technical Catalogs, not Business Catalogs, and only in CONF scopeSo we have to keep switching tools from app Manage to Content Manager every time we want to add a tile.

Up to now all our catalogs have been created in CUST scope, to avoid having to switch tools every time you want to do something.

So what is SAP's recommendation now (for a single-client systems):

1. Create all technical and Business catalogs in CONF scope. Use App Manager and Content Manager in CONF mode

2. Create Technical catalogs in CONF scope, Business catalogs in CUST mode. Use App Manager, and Content Manager in CUST mode.



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Let me make the question easier to answer:

If you work in a one-client system, have you created your Business Catalogs in CUST scope?

A yes/no question, should be easy to answer.