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Flexible Workflow not triggering for FB60/Create Incoming Invoice

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Hi Sap Experts,

We've successfully implemented and activated SAP Flexible Workflow Scenarios (WS00800251/WS00800303). We attempted to generate a Supplier Non-Purchase Order invoice using Tcode - FB60 and the App (Incoming Invoice), but unfortunately, the workflow didn't initiate as expected. We adhered to the SAP Standard Configurations Setup. Could you provide guidance on potential issues or missing elements? It's worth noting that the Test Workflow (classic Wf) is functioning correctly.

Thanks in Advance for any assistance you can provide.


Hi Sainath,

These Flexible Workflow Scenarios only works for MIRO, you can check Note 3089121.

"For FB60 there is no Flexible Workflow, though, as it is not considered a procurement Supplier Invoice."

If you must use FB60 there are several workflows

WS10000051, as the main WF

  • WS10000052, 1 level release
  • WS10000053, 2 levels release
  • WS10000054, 3 level release

Pros: It's a standard WF. So, its integrated with TCode FB60

Cons: You dont have "Teams and Responsabilities", if users are going to use devices like phones and tablets, extra effor is needed

Best regards

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