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Flat File Profiles vs Auth.Analysis : limited flexibility

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How can I combine values of different characteristics - that belong together from a auhtorization point of view - into one profile?

The subject of this post may not be very clear, but let me explain what I need ...

Suppose I have a user that may only display data in MultiProvider 'MP1', for country 'BE' and company code '1000'.

That same user may also plan for country 'BE', but only for company code '2000' in MultiProvider 'MP2'.

You could maintain this manually by having 2 analysis authorizations:

analysis 1:




0COMP_CODE EQ '1000'

analysis 2:

0TCAACTVT EQ '03' '02'



0COMP_CODE EQ '2000'

This is possible to achieve when you use t-code rsecadmin, maintain the values and assignments to users manually.

But we have about 100 users, all with different values they are authorized to (partially display, partially changeable). It goes without saying that this is not possible to maintain manually. Therefore we would like to continue the old way: loading authorizations to DSO's and generate the profiles afterwards.

How can I load files in the proper way that the right values are validated by the system together? This means that the system will allow the user to change/write data for country 'BE' and company code '2000', while the user will only be able to display data for 'BE' for other company codes (let's assume that the multiprovider does not matter in this case).

I hope someone can help here, it's been a brainteaser for a while now.

Please recall that it should be able to achieve this via flat file uploads!

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


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Hi Bart,

the generation of Authorization does still work with the new Analysis Authorization concept. You just have also to include the new technical InfoObject.

For more details search in the forum or check the online documentation on


SAP NetWeaver BI Organisation

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Hi Andreas,

Thanks for this information.

The generation of authorizations itself is not the issue.

We want to combine values of different InfoObjects in the same 'generated profile'.

The combination of other values for the same selected InfoObjects should be generated in another 'generated profile', as described in the initial post?

Any idea how this can be managed?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,