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Fiori provides wrong "this" when coming back to the application from launchpad

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We are facing a difficult problem that is affecting the filtering of the application.

I am talking about SAP standard application CRM_MYTASKS and we have extended the application with "ZCRMTASKS". By default it shows all the open tasks and user can filter these tasks by Person. This works fine at the first time, but after you go launchpad and come back to the application it suddenly does not work. After refreshing the page, it works until user decides to return launchpad and come back to the application.

Line which is affected from the issue:

this.setListMode(navToDetailEnabled, this);

Problem here is the "this". When it works the view ID is: __xmlview2

After returning to launchpad and coming back, view ID is: __xmlview5

Have anyone faced this type of a problem before? I will appreciate any help!

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