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Fiori Mobile App does not display the side menu on detail page


Hello All,

I have Fiori Transactional EM App - Track Freight Order already configured to work on desktop and mobile device. For Desktop, all the functionalities like applying filters, switching between freight orders, posting event messages work fine.

However, when I open the FioriLaunchpad in the mobile app using the weburl it display the catalog tile and upon clicking tile it takes me to one of the freight orders.


1. I cannot see the filters to display all the freight orders.
2. I cannot change the Freight Order to view the details of another FO.

The difference I see is that the side menu icon is missing in the mobile device. Screenshots are attached. Please guide what could be the issue and the possible solutions?

Desktop: Displays the search/filter functionality in the side menu.

On Mobile: It open the freight only because I had a variant saved with a filter applied on the desktop version.

Thanking you,

Nilay Mehta

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I have the same problem. I lost the menu icon and can't find a solution. My work place wants to wipe my tablet but I have so much info to lose

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