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Fiori Manage Service Entry Sheets - Lean Services 400,Bad Request

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Hi Fiori experts,

We are getting following error in Fiori when processing Service entry sheet in our test environment. Things are working fine with in DEV system but not in Test system. All configs seems to be exactly the same. We are using Hub Fiori. App details :'F2027')/S11OP

For test purpose the user is given SAP_ALL in both backend and frontend system . The GW error log is not showing any error either.

018-08-29 16:25:42.817500 The following problem occurred: HTTP request failed400,Bad Request,{"error":{"code":"/IWBEP/CM_MGW_RT/030","message":{"lang":"en","value":"Duplicate resource"},"innererror":{"application":{"component_id":"MM-PUR-SVC-SES","service_namespace":"/SAP/","service_id":"MM_PUR_SES_MAINTAIN_SRV","service_version":"0001"},"transactionid":"6DEDBAE1B378459EB71C44E94612E1EB","timestamp":"","Error_Resolution":{"SAP_Transaction":"","SAP_Note":"See SAP Note 1797736 for error analysis (","Batch_SAP_Note":"See SAP Note 1869434 for details about working with $batch ("},"errordetails":[{"code":"/IWBEP/CX_MGW_BUSI_EXCEPTION","message":"Duplicate resource","propertyref":"","severity":"error","target":""}]}}} -

Any idea?

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Hi Ahmad,

I had a same issue and little bit of digging and I found that this the dump was raised when creating a new office document when the SES is sent for approval in the back end system(our's being a hub configuration). Please check if this note below helps you. Although this note did not help me, appreciate if you can let me know if you already had this issue resolved any other way.

2648035 - Exception DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR in CL_BCS_DOCUMENT_DB while creating a new SAP Office object.



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Hi Chaitanya

Could you please tell me how you maintain approval for SES , have you used Flex Workflow or through Authorized person