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Fiori Elements and "Unsupported OData Version 4.01"


If you work with RAP and Fiori Elements, you usually have a happy life - but it can happen that "for no reason" your app stops working and Fiori Elements gives you an error message with the content "Unsupported OData Version 4.01" with a picture like this:



What does it mean and where does it come from? Where can I switch from regular OData 4.0 to OData 4.01? Short answer: It cannot be controlled (directly) by the developer. This change can happen if you use functions or data elements that are not supported by OData 4.0, which triggers a version change by the system. On the other hand, OData 4.01 is not supported by Fiori Elements.

In this case, the error was caused by using a field of component Decfloat:


cast( '47.11' as abap.decfloat16 ) as value,


We simply changed to "old fashioned" data elements:


cast( '47.11' as abap.dec( 4, 2 ) ) as value,


And now everything works again fine 🙂


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Soeren, 
thanks for posting a solution alongside with your issue. 
I am currently checking SAP internally when this workaround will not be needed anymore.
Kind regards, 

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