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FIORI apps dissapearing

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We are currently facing an issue with FIORI applications disappearing for users.

We're currently implementing S/4 on RISE and are in the process of training users. To support this activity we're using an additional client in our Q environment that is copied back from our 'golden' Q client every night.

What we're finding is that immediately after the copy, the Fiori apps are visible and working, however, shortly after, they all disappear, and in the browser we can see the following errors.

Using various notes we've tried invalidating and clearing UI2 caches etc but nothing seems to work. We've checked for batch jobs that may be running but also cannot find anything in this area that could be causing this issue. we've also tried appending various parameters to the system URL to bypass the cache but they also do not work.

We've raised a ticket with SAP but I'm wondering if anyone else has ever experience anything similar? Or maybe has any suggestions as to what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance.

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