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Finding Number of Record in Open Hub/ InfoSpoke

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Hi BW Gurus,

I have specific requirement regarding Open Hub/ InfoSpoke. When I am downloading data on my application server I have to generate three file .

(1) Data file

(2) Control File

(3) No of Record file

I am finding problem to generate third file. I go through with “ZCL_RSB_FILE_LOGICAL” class but didn’t find where I shall write ABAP code.

Shall I write separate ABAP program for finding number of record from "Data File" which I can link into Process Chain or is there any other simple way?

I need your suggestion.

FYI…This is specific requirement for only one InfoSpoke and finding number of record and creating third file ABAP program logic should not affect other InfoSpoke.

Thanks in Advance.

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Answers (2)

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ZCL_RSB_FILE_LOGICAL is the custom class that SAP includes with the How To document. It essentially changes the behavior of the InfoSpoke creation program (RSBO) such that a logical file can be specified. It also requires an append structure to table RSBFILE.

The problem I've faced is importing the custom class. I keep getting errors importing the transport. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

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Can anybody give me any suggestion?


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Hi dear,

I think you can go with your own little pgm (inside a PC after successful spoke step execution) that after first file download, checks it from application server and create there another file with all the info you need...

It seems really simple, don't you agree ?

Let us know if you need more help...



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Hi Vir,

Try this:

If you are using BADI for transformation to this perticualr infospoke you can write theis piece of code to generate a file.

In badi, write code to count the total no of records from OUT table and geneate a file.

Hope it Helps


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Hi Roberto,

I have the following issue and I hope you can help out with your best knowledge and experience

I am not able to extract any ODS data using Infospoke. Our goal is to extract the BW data (ODS and Master Data)with the 'Flat file' option in Infospoke and FTP into 3rd party database system. Let me describe the step by step process:

I have created one infospoke for ODS data and i am selecting a 'File' option in the destination tab of infospoke. We are trying to land this file over to BW Server (on the default directory DIR_HOME). When I start executing the Infospoke in a dialog mode, I am getting the following error in the monitor screen:

- Editing or Reading of data packet cancelled


- Extraction Cube: Error in DataManager API

- Cancelled.

I can see two files created on BW Server in the Transaction screen AL 11. But the data file is empty.

Does anyone know, why is doing this?

Is there any authorization restriction, for extracting this transaction data? (I checked my profile and I have all the authorization granted)

Is there any directory size related restriction, which prevents to extract and land this data over to default DIR?

I am able to extract the Master Data files but not ODS data. Why is that?

any idea or step by step procedure will be highly appreciated.

Points will be assign to helpful answer(s).

thanks in advance.