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Find out repeated items in table rows and create new table with this data, ODE Story

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Hi team, just want help in implementing the below scenario. We have a table like below in one of our pages in a story

Article                 Date                 Count

Article 101-02-20241
Article 102-02-20242
Article 103-02-20243
Article 201-02-20241
Article 302-02-20241
Article 403-02-20242
Article 504-02-20241
Article 605-02-20243
Article 701-02-20241

Articles & date are private dimensions, count is a measure.

The table is based on new model type(import connection), and the story is created using ODE. The table have details for articles, date and count, how can we find out those articles that shows up in multiple dates, as example in the above table, "Article 1" comes up on 01.02.2024, 02.02.2024 & 03.02.2024, we need to find such articles and create a new table that shows only those articles that repeatedly shows or at least shows more than one time from the source table

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