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Filtering a report by error flag in SAP BI 4.3

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Hi all,

I've created a report of employee information in BI 4.3, applied some conditional formatting to highlight any data errors and have added a break to group each employee's information together.

Screenshot for SAP BI.jpg

As a last step, I want to apply a report filter to only show those employees who have errors. As the report stands, I can filter by colour, but (in the example above) only 13 lines will show, and no headers / footers.

How can I modify the report so that, for any employees with an error, the whole set of their data will appear? I've tried using an additional variable column (which  I could then filter by) along the lines of
IF (ANY (Employee.Work Pattern), "Has error", "No error", or
COUNT (Employee.Work Pattern) IF "Gold"
but have not found a solution. 
Any advice? all ideas would be welcome...

Thanks in advance!

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Answers (1)

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create a variable with all your „if-error-logic“, that will give you a „1“ or „0“ as result for every row, then you can use that as filter.

To check if your logic and calculation context is working correctly you can insert this variable into your report.