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File System Repository & Content Management Repository

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Hi All

I need to the technical diffrences between File System Repository and CMR.

Also what are their locations!!!!

Thanx in advance....

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In File System Repository you save all your files on file system and some of the feature like versioning, Locking documents are not supported with this repository.

Check this for more:

If you are using CM Repository, then the files are stored in Database or FileSystem depending on the mode you select.

Modes supported are:

DB Mode -- All data (documents, folders, and metadata) is stored in the database

DBFS Mode -- Metadata and folders are stored in the database, but documents are stored in the file system.

FSDB Mode -- Folders and documents are stored in the file system, but metadata is stored in the database.

For more check this:


Praveen Gudapati

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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i needed stuff other than sdn help...but i got it too..