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Field "Subject" in the web service desk (Incident Management)

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We are using Service desk in SolMan, and creating messages in the Help menu in the SAP application. When opening the web service desk to see the messages (or even create a new messages), the field u201CSubjectu201D is there on the screen. It has values like u201CI1 MLDDGM 1 ME01 Problem Messageu201D, u201CI1 MLDDGM 1 ME02 Service Requestu201D, etc. Does anybody know where these values come from, and is it possible to change them anywhere?

The fields u201CPriorityu201D and u201CCategoryu201D in the same screen I have found in the IMG and have been able to change them there, but not the u201CSubjectu201D field.




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The values are stored in the subject profile. It is assigned to a transaction type using the left side menu "Definition of transaction types->Assignment of Business Transaction Categories (Service Process)->Customizin Header"

The standard profile for SLFN is SLFN0001!

You can change a subject profile using IMG activities under "SAP Solution Manager->Scenario-Specific Settings->Service Desk->Service Desk->Define Catalogs, Codes and Profiles" (Path in SP20).

The values you mentioned would be:

I1 = Catalog

MLDDGM = Code Group

ME01 / ME02 = Codes

Hope this helps,


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Thanks. That helped.

It looks like the Subject field is for classifying messages when running queries etc. We only need the Category field to classify. Do you know if it is possible to disable or hide the Subject field so it is not displayed in the Incident Management web screen?


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How can the field "Subject" be visible and mandatory by default for all key users ?