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FICA document extractors - 0FC_BP_ITEMS and 0FC_OP_01, 0FC_CI_01

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Hi All,

Initially i was told to use the Open item and clear item extractors i.e. 0FC_OP_01 and 0FC_CI_01. However now the functional consultant came and said the extractor 0FC_BP_ITEMS will meet the requirement. I understand all the extractors extracts the data from the same table.

1) I would like to know what is the difference between 0FC_BP_ITEMS and 0FC_OP_01, 0FC_CI_01.

2) Also I find couple of posts that in order to make the extractor 0FC_BP_ITEMS delta enabled couple of settings need to be done in "Maintain Central setting". Would anybody let me know which check boxes do I need to tick to make this delta enabled.


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0FC_OP_01 - if you want to extract open items for Business Intelligence (BI) for a key date

0FC_BP_ITEMS - This DataSource extracts all business partner items, both open as well as cleared items

0FC_CI_01 - if you want to extract cleared items for the Business Intelligence (BI) for a specific

For e.g. your current date is 31.07.2013 and you want to extract closed items for a particular period say from 01.01.2013 to 31.01.2013. then you can use 0fc_ci_01  to extracts closed items data for that period by setting start date as 01.01.2013 and end date as 31.01.2013 in transaction FPCIBW.

If you want all open items for a particular date say on 31.01.2013 what are all the open items till that date can be obtained by using  keydate as 31,01.2013 in transaction FPBW.

Now coming to BP Items- this fetches both open and closed items till today i.e. 31.07.2013.. so depends on your requirement how the customer wants it you can use respective datasoyrce.

Hope it is clear.

Coming to second question-

In SBIW - follow the path specified in sap help and in make central settings - For Business partner Items there were two checkboxes- Delta extraction active and addition of write off reason. both has to be checked.


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Where exactly do you customize the delta enablement for 0FC_BP_ITEMS?

We have



But I cannot find the customizing under

Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under  Integration   Business Intelligence   Maintain Central Settings

I find the following implementation guide path which might be the right one:

Financial Accounting -> Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable -> Basic Functions -> Postings and Documents -> Basic Settings -> Maintain Central Settings for Posting. There you will get this customizing table. Is this the right place? Which field must be activated?